Getting Down and Dirty With Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren is all the rage in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and it is because of his special Jedi Ability, ‘Choke’. This special skill is only available to Kylo Ren on Android devices and it is truly a one hit wonder. You can now seize control of any opponent characters, granted they are not top tier Jedi.

Resisting the mind control has been a controversial feature, and the best way to counter it seems to be loading up your team with max energy by using Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats. This way, you will ensure that you will always be filled up and able to use the special abilities of your Jedi Knights.

Also keep in mind that you can grind your way to max level, which is currently 85. This is the tipping point when you can start promoting your team to higher Jedi Knight levels, unlocking even more abilities.

Having the right leader’s ability without using things like Luminara and Lei is a crutch. With new iPhones, the resolution of the game takes a new beauty and you can be sure that it is the right way to go to experience the military might in a proper fashion.

When experiencing not loading phase on iPhones, you can simply restart the game to get it rolling again.

Virtual Families 2 Vs Sims FreePlay – Casual Gamers Outlook

If you’ve grown up creating characters and towns on the Sims, Virtual Families is going to be a slight disappointment. You don’t get to create houses, or characters, but you can guide the characters and nurture them, encouraging them to behave in certain ways. This game is simple and user friendly, and will draw you in in no time at all. You can expand the Dream House, do up the nursery and much more as you watch the family grow. The Sims has a lot more variation, you can create pretty much anything that you want from people, to buildings and put them in certain situations.

You can do puzzles in Virtual Families and sell things for money, whereas in the Sims you can create whole towns. Virtual Families strength is that it is guided and quite simple to use on a micro level – so you deal with daily drama and the unexpected whereas the Sims excels in having limitless possibilities. You can connect the Sims FreePlay to face book and get lifestyle points and more.

The downside of the Sims is your characters dying, and the pressure to spend money to keep them alive. You can earn lifestyle points by completing challenges however and the characters can get jobs as well. Watching your characters age and get sick is kind of upsetting, and knowing they will die if you don’t pay for them to stay alive, regardless of whether they can be reborn later.

Characters also age on Virtual Families, but the house building and renovations are exciting and with daily challenges it is hard to stay away. One negative about Virtual Families 2 is that it does take time to earn money to do the renovations to the house. You also have to place the characters in certain locations to get them to do things – think placing them on the table to get them to cook food, or by the shower to get them to wash. The more they work the more they advance in their careers, the more money you can earn to renovate the house. Virtual Families is set in real time, so the sky will go dark at night, and this is one of the best features of the game. Both games do require wi-fi connection.

Three steps glitch bug in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go became a really popular game in the entire world literally overnight. Pokemon Go is developed by Google off-shoot company called Niantic. It was released in most regions of the world in July 2016. With smart’s GPS device and camera to capture pokemon like in a real life with virtual reality system. In Pokemon Go you can capture more than a hundred pokemon as you looking in your surroundings. This game makes a reason for people to go to outside rather than playing the game at home for entire time. We can also battle in a gym with our captured pokemon. Customize your own trainer to become the very best. And the best one is the game is free to play. Many problems appeared after Pokemon Go released. All the players need to deal with crappy app, the servers are overloaded, or even gym being broken. But there’s a bug posted by countless people about this Pokemon Go hack.

All of them saying the same things, on their nearby tab pokemon all the pokemon near the place get a three steps away. Three steps away are also called three pawprints means the pokemon is a little bit further at where you are right now. It was happen because the new glitch making this bug appeared. Because this bug, we can’t looking for our pokemon as we want to. You can still encounter a pokemon while experiencing this glitch, but there’s no way to looking for a pokemon in your nearby tab pokemon. No matter where you are, all the nearby tab pokemon will having 3 steps. And because of that there’s no way to hunt down specific pokemon. Especially when rare pokemon suddenly appeared in your nearby tab, but you can’t do anything about it. Until now all players still waiting for Niantic to fixed this bug in Pokemon Go.

Save Your Pandas with Exclusive Tips to Beat the Game

The Baby Pandas need saving!

You’ll notice at glance that some of the bubbles have small baby pandas trapped inside. The goal of the game is to save these pandas as soon as you can. You don’t need to worry about the leftover bubbles that are stuck on top of the screen. The sooner you can get the babies on the ground, the faster you can finish.

Aim good, aim well!

Being able to angle your shots well can mean you’ll probably hit two birds with one stone or for this case, two pandas for one bubble. Being able to save up on your bubbles means a better score at the end of each stage. Also, faster clearing time means you’re getting the chance to accomplish as much levels of Panda Pop as you can.

Make sure to check out those achievements!

There are a lot of achievements you can try to accomplish in each mobile app game. You’ll be more pumped up in achieving these goals while you’re playing each stage. In fact, the more achievements you rack up for each game, the higher your score can go. It’s like those little bonuses that help on giving you a set of big numbers in the end.

Use the Panda Pop Cheats to Get Unlimited Resources

Online generator like Panda Pop Coin Hack is a great way to get free in-game resources like coins and lives. Instead of buying your in-game resources, why not generate them for free?

Changing the color of your bubble can actually mean something.

From time to time, you’ll have to swap the colors of your bubbles to be able to clear out some areas. You can only interchange between two colors and at times the limitation on the selection of hues can get in the way of a great combo. There’s actually a good reason why those colors are placed side by side. If you’ll notice how these colors align along the stars, you’ll find the most efficient way to clear out the stage. You’d also save up on the bubbles thus getting more points!

Spikes can be your ally too.

As you progress deeper into the games, the puzzles on how to save the baby pandas become more complicated. You’d eventually come across the spiked bubbles which end up shattering the bubbles. You can actually try to angle the bubble so that you’re getting the spikes to fall on the lower bubbles.

Fired up and ready to go!

In most stages, you’ll be amassing bubbles of a certain color. Once you’ve had enough, you’ll notice the lantern light up- this means that you can fire up some of the bubbles out. Try to find the best places to hit the fire bubble to clear out as many bubbles as you can.
With these surefire tips, you can surely get to the top ranks of Panda Pop!

Makers of SuperCell (Clash Royale) Leading the Ways of IAP

Mobile games have exploded into not only the gaming scene but app industry as a whole. With the popularity of games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Candy Crush Saga and Angry Birds, more and more gamers are moving to their mobile phones to enjoy the gaming that is both convenient and simple. It is no doubt that mobile games have brought games to demographics that otherwise would not have access to without a dedicated gaming console or a beefy PC built for gaming. However, the business model has come under scrutiny for how these games are monetized.

Majority of the mobile games are currently based on what’s called Freemium model, which really was popularized by Candy Crush and Clash of Clans. Supercell, the maker of the ever popular Clash of Clans is currently leading the charge with the release of new games like Clash Royale. Clash Royale is an interesting breed of a game that because it is a hybrid of different genres. It is not revolutionary game by any means but it hits all the notes that gamers are looking for when they play mobile games.

CEO of Supercell, Ilkka Paananen told Reuters said “In five to 10 years, we would like to be a company with not that many live games, but all very high quality.” Games like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale certain are of highest quality when it comes to mobile games, setting new standards that others are trying to copy and reproduce.

However, the problem with freemium model is not of quality but of how it generates revenue. Because people who download and play mobile games are often averse to paying for mobile apps, game developers like Supercell has come up with new ways to monetize their games: in-app purchases (IAP). In-app purchases are basically ways to purchase in-game resources like gems and gold with real life money. This dubious strategy has been criticized in recent years because many argue that it is predatory in nature. It isn’t uncommon for players to rack up large amounts of money buying virtual resources with real money.

Clash Royale Tips, a popular website that provides comprehensive tips and strategy guides for the game notes that there are hack tool that allows user to generate free gems and gold without having to pay for any money. Because in-app purchases can be so expensive especially if players want to gather up money to make upgrades and access premier features, the emergence of these hacking utilities have been ever so popular.

Cancer Guide – Mobile Apps Available for Cancer Patients

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, their lifestyle changes. Not only are these lifestyle changes unexpected, but some of them are difficult to manage. Receiving a cancer diagnosis wreaks havoc on your mind, body, and spirit. The things that cancer patients have to remember can seem overwhelming.

It can be difficult to adjust to taking medications daily, or managing the physical symptoms and side effects. There are plenty of mobile phone applications out there to help cancer patients manage the things that matter to them, but it can be difficult to know which ones are good unless you download a lot of them to try them out. After conducting some research, I found ten of the best mobile phone applications for cancer patients to help you on your journey to health and wellness.

1. Med Helper Pro Pill Reminder

To help manage medications, vital signs, side-effects and more, download this app. You can also share things with others in your network.

(Android or iPhone)

2. Breast Cancer: Beyond the Shock

A helpful tool that can get you through those first weeks after diagnosis, when your mind is all over the place. It has tools to help you remain calm and educate yourself about your breast cancer diagnosis. It also has a social aspect, so you can receive support from a variety of people.


3. Chemotherapy Advisor

This app gives you the latest news and information available in oncology. While some of the information is in clinical language, if you think an article pertains to you, you can share it with your doctor.

(Android or iPhone)

4. Cancer.Net

This app has guides on 120 different types of cancer, so you can learn more about your particular type of cancer. The information is more reliable than much of what you can find with a simple internet search. It also has an interactive tool that enables you to log questions and your doctor’s answers, plus it has a voice recorder that allows you to simply record your doctor’s answers to your questions to type up later.

It has a symptom tracker that also allows you to track side-effects of medications, and it even has a tool to help you log the names of your medications and take pictures of the bottles. There is also a section in the app that has the latest cancer-related articles from the website.

5. Micromedex

Micromedex allows you to search for any medication and see possible side effects and drug interactions. This is handy if you take over-the-counter medications in addition to your prescription medications. It is also easier than reading through the pages of information that the pharmacy gives you with each new prescription.

6. Pocket Cancer Care Guide

This app has a tool for recording questions and answers from doctors and nurses. It also has a calendar that can sync up to your existing calendar, such as your Google calendar, for free. It has a handy glossary of medical terminology too, so you can make sure you understand your doctor’s answers as much as possible.


7. Create to Heal

Create to Heal is an amazing mobile app for iPhone or iPad that allows the power of creativity to help relieve stress during treatments and recovery. Cancer takes a toll on your emotions and mental health, and this app is perfect to help manage stress and boost your spirits. It allows users to play calming music, explore art, and has guidance on meditation and creative writing.


8. My PearlPoint Cancer Side Effects Helper

This app allows users to learn about the side effects of their treatments and medications, and how to minimize them. It is helpful if you are unfamiliar with the possible side effects of your treatments or medications. It will also help you if you know the side effects, but you want to know some pointers on how to keep them from taking over your life.


9. Chemo Brain Doc Notes

Going through chemotherapy or radiation can cause frustrating memory and thinking problems. This application allows you to organize notes about your treatments and doctor’s visits to minimize frustration and confusion. It is really great if you are experiencing problems with memory as a result of your treatments.


10. CaringBridge

This app is designed for patients that need extra support. It allows you to create a website for yourself, and speak about your journey to health, including your trials and tribulations. Your friends can stay updated without having their own site just by entering your name or website name, and others in the CaringBridge community can pour out their support for you during this hard time.

(Android or iPhone)