Getting Down and Dirty With Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren is all the rage in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and it is because of his special Jedi Ability, ‘Choke’. This special skill is only available to Kylo Ren on Android devices and it is truly a one hit wonder. You can now seize control of any opponent characters, granted they are not top tier Jedi.

Resisting the mind control has been a controversial feature, and the best way to counter it seems to be loading up your team with max energy by using Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats. This way, you will ensure that you will always be filled up and able to use the special abilities of your Jedi Knights.

Also keep in mind that you can grind your way to max level, which is currently 85. This is the tipping point when you can start promoting your team to higher Jedi Knight levels, unlocking even more abilities.

Having the right leader’s ability without using things like Luminara and Lei is a crutch. With new iPhones, the resolution of the game takes a new beauty and you can be sure that it is the right way to go to experience the military might in a proper fashion.

When experiencing not loading phase on iPhones, you can simply restart the game to get it rolling again.