Save Your Pandas with Exclusive Tips to Beat the Game

The Baby Pandas need saving!

You’ll notice at glance that some of the bubbles have small baby pandas trapped inside. The goal of the game is to save these pandas as soon as you can. You don’t need to worry about the leftover bubbles that are stuck on top of the screen. The sooner you can get the babies on the ground, the faster you can finish.

Aim good, aim well!

Being able to angle your shots well can mean you’ll probably hit two birds with one stone or for this case, two pandas for one bubble. Being able to save up on your bubbles means a better score at the end of each stage. Also, faster clearing time means you’re getting the chance to accomplish as much levels of Panda Pop as you can.

Make sure to check out those achievements!

There are a lot of achievements you can try to accomplish in each mobile app game. You’ll be more pumped up in achieving these goals while you’re playing each stage. In fact, the more achievements you rack up for each game, the higher your score can go. It’s like those little bonuses that help on giving you a set of big numbers in the end.

Use the Panda Pop Cheats to Get Unlimited Resources

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Changing the color of your bubble can actually mean something.

From time to time, you’ll have to swap the colors of your bubbles to be able to clear out some areas. You can only interchange between two colors and at times the limitation on the selection of hues can get in the way of a great combo. There’s actually a good reason why those colors are placed side by side. If you’ll notice how these colors align along the stars, you’ll find the most efficient way to clear out the stage. You’d also save up on the bubbles thus getting more points!

Spikes can be your ally too.

As you progress deeper into the games, the puzzles on how to save the baby pandas become more complicated. You’d eventually come across the spiked bubbles which end up shattering the bubbles. You can actually try to angle the bubble so that you’re getting the spikes to fall on the lower bubbles.

Fired up and ready to go!

In most stages, you’ll be amassing bubbles of a certain color. Once you’ve had enough, you’ll notice the lantern light up- this means that you can fire up some of the bubbles out. Try to find the best places to hit the fire bubble to clear out as many bubbles as you can.
With these surefire tips, you can surely get to the top ranks of Panda Pop!