Three steps glitch bug in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go became a really popular game in the entire world literally overnight. Pokemon Go is developed by Google off-shoot company called Niantic. It was released in most regions of the world in July 2016. With smart’s GPS device and camera to capture pokemon like in a real life with virtual reality system. In Pokemon Go you can capture more than a hundred pokemon as you looking in your surroundings. This game makes a reason for people to go to outside rather than playing the game at home for entire time. We can also battle in a gym with our captured pokemon. Customize your own trainer to become the very best. And the best one is the game is free to play. Many problems appeared after Pokemon Go released. All the players need to deal with crappy app, the servers are overloaded, or even gym being broken. But there’s a bug posted by countless people about this Pokemon Go hack.

All of them saying the same things, on their nearby tab pokemon all the pokemon near the place get a three steps away. Three steps away are also called three pawprints means the pokemon is a little bit further at where you are right now. It was happen because the new glitch making this bug appeared. Because this bug, we can’t looking for our pokemon as we want to. You can still encounter a pokemon while experiencing this glitch, but there’s no way to looking for a pokemon in your nearby tab pokemon. No matter where you are, all the nearby tab pokemon will having 3 steps. And because of that there’s no way to hunt down specific pokemon. Especially when rare pokemon suddenly appeared in your nearby tab, but you can’t do anything about it. Until now all players still waiting for Niantic to fixed this bug in Pokemon Go.