Virtual Families 2 Vs Sims FreePlay – Casual Gamers Outlook

If you’ve grown up creating characters and towns on the Sims, Virtual Families is going to be a slight disappointment. You don’t get to create houses, or characters, but you can guide the characters and nurture them, encouraging them to behave in certain ways. This game is simple and user friendly, and will draw you in in no time at all. You can expand the Dream House, do up the nursery and much more as you watch the family grow. The Sims has a lot more variation, you can create pretty much anything that you want from people, to buildings and put them in certain situations.

You can do puzzles in Virtual Families and sell things for money, whereas in the Sims you can create whole towns. Virtual Families strength is that it is guided and quite simple to use on a micro level – so you deal with daily drama and the unexpected whereas the Sims excels in having limitless possibilities. You can connect the Sims FreePlay to face book and get lifestyle points and more.

The downside of the Sims is your characters dying, and the pressure to spend money to keep them alive. You can earn lifestyle points by completing challenges however and the characters can get jobs as well. Watching your characters age and get sick is kind of upsetting, and knowing they will die if you don’t pay for them to stay alive, regardless of whether they can be reborn later.

Characters also age on Virtual Families, but the house building and renovations are exciting and with daily challenges it is hard to stay away. One negative about Virtual Families 2 is that it does take time to earn money to do the renovations to the house. You also have to place the characters in certain locations to get them to do things – think placing them on the table to get them to cook food, or by the shower to get them to wash. The more they work the more they advance in their careers, the more money you can earn to renovate the house. Virtual Families is set in real time, so the sky will go dark at night, and this is one of the best features of the game. Both games do require wi-fi connection.